VT-CAWRI aims to provide a platform for industrial-funded projects focusing on applied water research, and to strengthen the collaboration between Virginia Tech and water/wastewater industry. Virginia Tech has many researchers performing water-related research across the departments and colleges, and its Environmental Engineering program has a long tradition of excellence in water and wastewater research. VT-CAWRI will take advantages of the research strength on the campus and advance water research to address nexus of resource, water and energy. Research include:

  • Aerobic granular sludge based wastewater treatment

  • Bioenergy recovery from high-strength wastewater using anaerobic digestior

  • Biofilm reactors and mathematical modeling

  • Development of mainstream anammox coupled with carbon removal technologies

  • Membrane technologies such as membrane bioreactors and forward osmosis

  • Production of biofuels and bioproducts from cellulose biomass

  • Sidestream nutrient removal by nitritation and anammox

  • Sustainable desalination and water softening

VT-CAWRI welcomes the participation from utilities, water/wastewater technology companies, engineering consulting companies, private foundations, and federal/state governments. Our members will have access to and be involved in cutting edge water research. They can closely interact with VT researchers and graduate students for employment opportunities.